Lab Testing Services in Papillion, NE

For lab services in Papillion NE, come to Midlands Family Urgent Care. We have an onsite laboratory to screen for many illnesses, infections, STDs, and other conditions. Walk-ins are welcome, no appointment necessary. Call (402) 382-9117 for more information.

Lab Testing Services in Papillion, NE

Sometimes it’s really convenient to have immediate access to lab testing, such as for cholesterol or anemia testing. Some other times, having immediate access is more than just convenient, it’s necessary, such as for pregnancy or STD testing. At Midlands Family Urgent Care, you’ll be able to get same-day testing and same-day results for many tests.

What can I expect during a lab test?

These tests are quite simple. You won’t need to make an appointment beforehand, but if you have a referral for a lab test, then please bring it with you. When you come into our clinic for a test, you’ll be greeted promptly and very soon you’ll be able to speak with an experienced practitioner. If you require a lab test, the practitioner will begin one.

Depending on the type of condition being tested for, the practitioner might take a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissue. By testing the sample with our in-house lab, the practitioner will be able to determine whether you have a condition like an infection.

Testing can provide insight into whether a patient has a number of other conditions such as kidney, cardiovascular, or liver issues, and even cancer. It’s important to have a lab test done as soon as possible, especially if recommended by a physician.

What kinds of lab tests can urgent care provide?

Whether you need a test for high cholesterol or for chlamydia, we can help here at our clinic. Some of the common tests we can provide include:

  • CBC tests – Complete blood count tests for disorders like anemia or leukemia
  • Cultures – To test for strep throat or the flu
  • Chemistry – To determine electrolyte abnormalities or liver function abnormalities
  • Urinalyses – Urine tests for pregnancy, STDs, and drugs
  • And more

We can provide employer drug/alcohol testing too, so if one of your employees or you as an employee requires a test, we can provide it.

Why should I go to your clinic for a lab test?

Here at Midlands Family Urgent Care, we have state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and board-certified physicians, so we are more than capable of helping you. Our professionals are caring and understanding too.

With a primary care clinic or hospital center, you’ll likely have to make an appointment for weeks in advance. You’ll also have to wait a while longer for your test results. With Midlands Family Urgent Care, we can help you on a walk-in basis, so you won’t have to make an appointment. Also, we’ll be able to provide you with same-day results for many of our tests.

You can expect us to keep your test results confidential. However, if you’d like us to, we can send your results to your primary care physician. We can also send over any prescriptions or suggestions for medical care, if necessary.

Do you provide lab services in Papillion, NE?

Yes, we do! Midlands Family Urgent Care is located in Papillion at 312 Olson Drive Suite 101 Papillion, NE 68046. We provide lab testing for the Papillion area and surrounding communities. Our clinic doors are open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. Walk-ins are more than welcome!

Come in today for a same-day lab test and same-day results with us here at Midlands Family Urgent Care.