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Cough Treatment Near Me in Papillion NE, and Omaha NE
Cough Treatment Near Me in Papillion NE, and Omaha NE

Table Of Contents:

What are the causes of a cough?
What is a cough a sign or symptom of?
Can my cough be serious?
What treatments do you provide for the different types of coughs?

What are the causes of a cough?

A cough is your body’s reaction when some kind of irritant enters your throat or airways. From a throat-clearing “ahem,” to a wheezing, scratchy cough, to full-on hacking, a cough can be voluntary or involuntary and can be short-term, or long-lasting. Coughing occurs when air is suddenly expulsed from the lungs through the epiglottis, which is the trapdoor that covers the entrance to your windpipe. The most common cause of a cough is a cold or the flu, which are respiratory tract infections, commonly caused by a virus, and may last from a few days up to a week. Infections from the flu usually take a little longer to clear up, and sometimes antibiotics are prescribed. A cough occurs at a remarkable speed (estimated at 100 miles per hour), resulting in a powerful force of air, clearing your breathing passageways of unwanted irritants. A cough is usually relatively painless, or it can be painful when due to chest congestion, and can certainly be irritating or distracting. Since it takes a lot of energy, it can also leave you feeling achy and fatigued. Occasional coughing is perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about, but a cough that lasts several weeks, or more, or produces discolored or bloody mucus, could be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

What is a cough a sign or symptom of?

Coughs are categorized as either acute or chronic. An acute cough is one you most often get with a cold, flu or acute bronchitis. It begins suddenly and usually lasts for less than three weeks. One of the biggest complaints about a chronic cough is it can wake you up in the middle of the night, and lead to fatigue and exhaustion the next day.

A chronic cough may possibly last more than eight weeks, or for children, longer than four weeks, and often occurs along with other signs and symptoms, which include:

● Runny or stuffy nose
● Postnasal drip
● Constant throat clearing and sore throat
● Hoarse sounding voice
● Shortness of breath and wheezing
● Heartburn
● Coughing up blood (very rare, and a possibly serious condition)

A cough is normally nothing to worry about but if it lasts longer than a few weeks, then you should get it checked out by a doctor. Still, if you have a cough, it is always wise to get medical advice from a healthcare professional. Midlands Urgent care and our team of medical professionals are here to help treat your cough and we accept walk-ins.

Can my cough be serious?

An acute cough is usually self-limiting, and most often related to an upper respiratory viral infection in healthy adults, which means it will likely go away on its own without medical treatment, and if it does require treatment it is rarely significant medical intervention. The diagnosis varies for older patients, or someone who has a weakened or compromised immune system, and in these cases, an acute cough, due to flu or coronavirus, may require medical treatment, and possibly hospitalization. The prognosis for a more chronic cough depends if there are underlying conditions, and requires a visit to the doctor for evaluation.

What treatments do you provide for the different types of coughs?

The great thing about Midlands Family Urgent Care is that our highly trained and qualified team of physicians are available to diagnose and treat a wide range of minor, but still urgent, illnesses, including:

● Mild allergies and reactions
● Respiratory infections and asthma
● Cold and flu symptoms (acute or chronic cough)
● Bronchitis or strep throat
● Sinus infections, urinary tract infections among other infections
● STDs

Even minor medical issues are urgent to the one experiencing them, and we are here seven days a week to provide the care you need. Call our care center, or visit our website for more information, or to arrange an appointment. We are also open 7 days a week and we accept walk-ins. We serve patients from Papillion NE, Omaha NE, La Vista NE, Fairview NE, Ralston NE, Bellevue NE, Springfield NE and surrounding areas.


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