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Employer Services Questions and Answers

Midlands Family Urgent Care offers a wide variety of employer services to ensure that the health and safety of each employee are in line with the job they are required to perform. For more information, call us to book an appointment, or visit us at 5062 S 155th St Omaha, NE 68137. We are open 7 days a week.

Employer Services Near Me in Omaha NE
Employer Services Near Me in Omaha NE

What are employer services?

Employer services are occupational health services that are provided by a medical clinic to help employers maintain a workplace and work force that is safe and healthy. The medical clinic will work directly with an employer to understand the needs of the company to help them determine what they can do to support the health and well-being of the company’s employees. The services provided to employees can be preventative in nature such as providing flu shots and tetanus shots, or acute as needed when an employee gets injured on the job or falls ill at work, or as the result of exposure to a harmful substance in the workplace. Employer services can also be offered as part of the pre-employment conditions and contract by performing the necessary work physicals and drug screenings to ensure the potential employee is fit to perform the tasks of the job they have been offered.

What employer services do you provide?

At Midlands Family Urgent Care, we offer a wide variety of employer services to ensure the health and safety of each employee is in line with the job they are required to perform. We can provide employer services from the initial hiring stage through to ongoing preventative care and acute treatment when needed.

We help our employer partners by providing the following services:

  • Pre-screening and ongoing work physicals to complete a standard physical exam as well as vision tests, urinalysis and checking vital signs.
  • Routine medical services including administration of immunizations such as the flu shot, and tetanus shot.
  • Drug screenings on a regular, ongoing basis or as needed.
  • X-ray services where needed for the diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries sustained at work.
  • Urgent care diagnosis and treatment of injuries or illnesses as a result of exposure to a hazard on the job or workplace, including claims that fall under Worker’s Compensation.

Do I need an appointment for employer services?

While an appointment can be beneficial to have for routine services such as a physical exam, you don’t need one to receive any of the treatments we provide in our urgent care. At Midlands Family Urgent Care, our top priority is getting you treated to get you back on the job when it is safe to do so. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours to provide you with the medical attention you require to get you back on your feet and back to work. We also offer onsite laboratory and x-ray services, so we are able to perform the necessary tests for a full exam and thorough diagnosis in order to prescribe the proper treatment plan.

How do employer services benefit me?

Employer services are in place to protect not just the employer, but mainly the employees by ensuring the employees are well and properly taken care of. Midlands Family Urgent Care works with a variety of employers to understand their unique needs to keep their employees safe and healthy. We will ensure that we are performing the proper and necessary tests that your employer has specified to test your ability to safely perform the tasks of your job. We can also perform any necessary drug tests required for your job, based on the requirements your employer has provided us. When an employee gets injured on the job, filling in all of the Workers Compensation paperwork can be a nightmare. Our staff is well-versed in filling in these forms and making thorough notes to send into Workers Comp for you to be properly compensated. Our team at Midlands Family Urgent Care knows the process and details involved in employer services.

If you are an employer and want more information, then we encourage you to reach out and contact us through our website today. We serve patients from Omaha NE, La Vista NE, Fairview NE, Ralston NE, Bellevue NE, and surrounding areas.


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